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I offer my services as a volunteer doula through Doula’s Without Borders.

What is Doulas Without Borders?

Doulas Without Borders is a network of voluntary workers who are focused on providing physical, emotional and informational support to those experiencing disadvantage during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. Doulas Without Borders supports women towards more positive birth and empowering steps into parenthood.

Doulas Without Borders provides accessible pregnancy, birth and postnatal support for those in financial hardship who are: survivors or victims of domestic / sexual violence, experiencing / expecting baby loss, new refugees, asylum seekers, experiencing homelessness, under 20 or survivors and victims of human slavery and trafficking.

Doula Support

A Doula provides education, continuity of care and loving encouragement, which can greatly assist in a better experience of pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood.

A large part of the Doulas’ role is to encourage and collaborate with our clients towards informed decision making. Doulas do not offer any medical advice or apply clinical measures, but do offer a wealth of knowledge about birth. Doulas provide signposting, support and nurture without judgement, in line with each individual’s needs, preferences and history. We offer an independent perspective and time to work with people at their own pace.

Doulas are there to support the whole family unit, when appropriate. We do not attempt to mirror any other role and work more as ‘trained lay supporters’, serving as an educated companion and advocate.

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