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What is a Mother Blessing?

A mother blessing is a modern ritual based on the Navajo tradition of a Blessingway, which honours and ‘blesses the way’ of a woman going into motherhood through the rite of passage of childbirth. Blessing ceremonies are usually held in the 8th month (moon) of pregnancy and it is often tied in with the moons cycle, a full or new moon, or perhaps the phase of the moon you were born under yourself (as that is often the time we feel very attuned).

What does the ceremony involve?

As your guide I will work with you to create a ceremony that works with your own spiritual beliefs. I can create sacred space in different ways, although often this is in a shamanic tradition opening and closing the circle by honouring the elements with prayers and blessings.

A ceremony traditionally includes songs, verses, sharing of wisdom from the other women, adorning the mother with beautiful belly painting or henna and some shared activities or crafts to make a ceremonial gift for you.

I like to include a red thread ritual in the ceremonies I facilitate. Red is the colour of blood and links all humans throughout time, it is used in this ceremony to make a connection between all the members of the circle. A ball of thread is given to the mother, she wraps it around her wrist a few times, then passes the ball on, it can be thrown to someone else and a web can be created in the middle of the circle. The threads are then cut and each women wears the thread around her wrist until the baby is born. They then can cut the threads although the symbolic connection still remains.

Photo of Jo playing a drum in a tent
Photo of a pregnant woman having her belly painted
Photo of a group of women's wrists with red thread tied around them
Photo of Jo performing a mother blessing ceremony on the beach

The ceremony is usually arranged in a place that sparks joy for the Mum to be and can be indoors or out in nature (weather permitting!) I have held ceremonies on the beach, in tents and in homes or other carefully selected venues. They can be small and intimate or with a larger group of people.

Photo of a mother's blessing cake
Mothers’ Blessing Cake

If you would like more information about how I can work with you to create and lead a ceremony for you, please Contact Me for and obligation free chat.

Your investment – £200. This covers my time to create your ceremony and guiding the ceremony on the day. Any additional costs, for example venue booking and materials will be charged separately. As each ceremony is as unique and special as the mother to be blessed, the ceremony will be tailored just for you. If you have an idea, please get in touch and we can discuss how we can create a ceremony to fit your budget.