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Jo was able to help me stay grounded. She has such a gentle and kind presence that I feel it would be hard to be stressed around her. She really helped us feel in control and empowered and she gave me the strength to battle things that I perhaps wouldn’t have had the energy to do if she wasn’t supporting us.
She’s a beautiful soul.

SD, Birth Client, Aug 2021

Jo is the most wonderful doula. She supported us throughout pregnancy, labour and after the birth. She ensured we had all the information we needed for a well informed birth plan, she was there for us as soon as we felt we needed her on the day of our labour and supported us through a very positive water birth experience.

SM Birth client, Jan 2020

Jo was our wonderful doula during the birth of our little girl Merryn. From the moment we started working together I felt completely held and supported by Jo. She is so knowledgable and has a lovely spiritual nature that I felt very connected to. My partner, at first sceptical, now says there is no way we could have done it without her and he is right! We had a long labour and because of Jo this is not a traumatic memory but a very precious one that we will remember forever.

LU, Birth Client, Nov 2021

“Jo is an amazing Doula! She supported me during pregnancy, birth and after as well as performing the closing the bones ceremony! She offered so much support and offered so much help in researching alternatives ways of pain relief, immunisations.She is so passionate about helping people and I cannot believe how much she helped me and my husband during the birth! Highly recommend!!”

GD, Birth Client, April 2018

“Jo was my doula. She helped me and my husband throughout the labour so much.

I ended up using the birthing pool. I didn’t think this was going to happen due to complications but Jo really helped to make this happen.

I highly recommend Jo. She helps you to realise you have a choice about things you wouldn’t think about.”

L, Birth Client, Dec 2019

“I wish every woman could have a doula like Jo to support them through pregnancy and birth.

I decided to get a doula midway through my pregnancy as I was living abroad and getting ready to relocate to Cornwall. Whilst I was abroad, Jo provided consistent support via Skype and email and helped so much with my anxieties around moving back so close to the birth. Once I moved back we met up and had some wonderful sessions going through my birth plan, discussing options and even baking a groaning cake together. Jo is so knowledgeable when it comes to pregnancy and birth and was able to direct me to all the information I needed to make informed choices.

On the day of labour Jo was there to chat at the beginning of my contractions and provide comfort and reassurance. As soon as I asked her to come to my house she came straight away. She helped reassure me and support me through contractions. She also looked after my son at times when I was having contractions and my husband was with me. Once I decided to go to the Birth Centre Jo calmly drove us there and supported us through a wonderful water birth. She stayed with us after the birth for as long as we needed and checked in with us later that evening.

A few weeks after birth Jo came to my house and did the closing the bones ceremony, it was just fantastic and felt relaxing and caring.

Jo is a caring, nurturing doula who will go out of her way to ensure that your choices are respected and you are well informed every step of the way.”

Birth Client, July 2019

Jo’s healing the bone ceremony was a wonderful, rejuvenating and positive experience. I had the ceremony only a couple of weeks after my baby was born and it felt like a really lovely time to focus on me and the birth, Jo was lovely to talk to and made me feel very comfortable. I kept my baby with me, we paused for feeds and Jo made sure that we were both comfortable as she slept. Would highly recommend this as some self-care or a special treat for someone that you love.”

I asked Jo if she would perform a Closing of the Bones for me, after two labours in two years. Both labours had major physical impacts for me, and I felt that the ceremony may help to bring together and expel some of the negative feelings around them.

The ceremony itself was glorious. It was calm, prepared, and although I knew Jo (we’d met previously on a training course) she felt like a very old friend, and I was amazingly comfortable in her presence.

Time passed before I knew it, and I felt more relaxed than I had done in years! Another friend was also present, and I feel honoured to have shared the experience with them both.

Physically, I have felt very different since. I have a long history of hip problems, but they have never felt more comfortable than they did after Jo did my CotB.

So, 100% recommended. It almost feels like a rite of passage, especially if you know you’ve completed your family.

Thank you Jo, for the wonderful experience. 🧡

“I had a closing the bones ceremony with Jo. It was a really beautiful, peaceful and relaxing ceremony. Jo is warm, friendly and easy to talk to. Would recommend this ceremony to every women who has had a child.

“It was such a lovely and special experience Jo came to my house for the closing the bones ritual/ massage and made it unforgettable, haven’t felt that relaxed in weeks! Thank you very much xx”