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Postnatal Circles cost £8.50 and usually take place on the last Sunday of each month from 11.00-13.00 in the relaxed and comfortable setting of my home – book a space here

Photo of new mums with their babies  sitting outside in the sunshine
Mums sitting in circle

If you have a new baby and would like to meet other parents and make new friends, these circles are the perfect place to do just this! If you have been to one of my Pregnancy Circles they are a great way to continue your journey with some of the same parents and provide the perfect opportunity to admire all the new babies.

During each circle we will talk about your post-natal journey and how you are finding the transition to motherhood – the good bits and the bits you are finding challenging. We also enjoy sharing our birth stories and chatting about how amazing our babies are!

Each circle will include an optional creative activity, but we will have plenty of time to chat, drink a special post-partum tea blend and chat.

Photo of watermelon, cherries and strawberries and cream cake
Tasty treats!

I will be holding space and with my doula hat on will be there to support you with encouragement, reassurance and signpost you to helpful information.

Babes in arms are welcome up to the age of around 6/7 months (before they become independently mobile!)

It would be lovely to meet you and your new baby, so please do get in touch if you would like to come along or book your space using the link below.