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Bob and Ben

It can be really challenging for Dad’s and birth partners to see their loved one in labour, in a situation they may never have experienced before and one in which they may feel fearful of or out of control. It can be hard to know what to do for the best, to know if you are doing enough. Perhaps the things you thought you knew somehow don’t seem quite right now, or don’t seem to be working any more. It can be overwhelming and exhausting for partners, but this is where the support of a doula can really be helpful.

Doulas are there for Dad’s and partners, siblings and grandparents too. Dad’s and partners you are needed and we are there to make sure that you are at your best to support Mama. We don’t want to take your role, alienate you or push you aside. We want to draw you in and help you to participate actively during the birth. We can make suggestions so you can use your support skills effectively and give you ideas for comfort measures that might help. A doula is great at understanding what is needed at any given moment and we will take a back seat where necessary or step in and be hands on if that is needed.

We will make sure you are eating and drinking, we will give you breaks so you can rest and feel reassured that your partner is in good hands. A doula will always give you time on your own with Mama and even leave the room if that feels like the right thing to do. We understand that you need encouragement too, sometimes reassurance, sometimes a hug. Sometimes we will just simply be with you. We make a great team.

If you are looking for some nurturing doula support for the whole family, perhaps I can help.

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