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 I turned 45 earlier this year and it feels like quite a transitional age, far more than 40 (I was pregnant!). I have now completed my family and am entering the Marga (peri-menopase) phase of my life. It feels quite inbetweeny though, like those days when you are quietly waiting for your baby to be born. I am in my own ‘Zwischen’ or inbetween place.

However, I find it sad that in our society we do not honour these important rites of passage. The prevailing attitude towards menopause as a time of loss, failure and decay is a bit depressing. However, I don’t see it like that. I see it as a time not to step out of our power, but to step into it, reclaim what we may have put aside whilst we have immersed ourselves in the care of others. As with most major transformations, its not always a comfortable journey, it can be a bit messy, but we can reframe it, embrace the process and find the glory. As Donna Eden said ‘Menopause is the gateway to your second prime of life’.

As I didn’t start my family until I was 36, my children will be going through their own rite of passage, puberty, at the same time I am making my transition.  There is something special about this, as after all they were present at my last transformation from ‘maiden’ to ‘mother’.

We will no doubt have a home full or hormones, but with love and understanding I hope that we will be able to ride the waves together and find a pool of compassion amongst it all.

I am passionate about all the transitions we go through as women and how we can reclaim, honour and share these sacred times. 

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