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Guest Blog Post, by Bob Kidman

Hi, my name is Bob and I am Jo’s partner, I have studied Spiritual Science and the systems we cannot see that govern our physical reality for over 10 years now and I have been applying this knowledge to Jo’s birth keeper work for about 2 years.

Jo and I will work together by talking through the events of each birth journey then apply it to the dates and times of solar flares, planetary alignments and where, in its cycles the moon is.

The purpose of this post is to share the patterns which have emerged from this study with a hope that others may find it useful.

This study originally started to help organize our time around call periods and to gain a better understanding of why and how things sometimes don’t go to plan.

My observations here are based on Jo’s birth experiences, they won’t fit all for varying reasons, they just fit the births Jo has attended.

I’ve split my research into 4 headings which are as follows, I will go through the first two this week and the second two next week and I hope it makes sense:

Part 1

  • Solar flares and their effects on anxiety and perception
  • Patience, the moon and ‘no man’s land’

Part 2

  • Planetary alignments and the gates of birth
  • Healthy messaging, healthy signals, healthy outcomes

Solar flares and their effects on anxiety and perception

I have suffered from solar flares my entire life, they have been debilitating and when they hit I experience wave after wave of huge anxiety then things in my life all go wrong all at the same time.

The anxiety I feel is so great that it made me quit jobs and often stay hidden in my room for days terrified of the outside world.

This lifelong perceived debilitation drove me to work out what was actually going on, in this search I came across solar flares and I have since spent the last 10 years looking at live solar satellite feeds and recording the times and dates of the flares and comparing them against my well-being and the way I feel, the well-being of my family and events in the world at large.

What I am saying here also applies to other forms of solar activity, I’ve just stuck to flares to keep things simple.

I am at a point now though that I am able to tell you if flares are happening just by the way I feel and how the people around me are reacting.

The problem we have is that we are now in a solar maximum which means the flares which we are experiencing are huge and are often exploding several times a day.

So over the past few years, as we have gone deeper and deeper into Solar Cycle 25 we have been smashed harder and harder by more intense and more frequent solar radiation, this radiation if not grounded will manifests in various ways in our lives.

How this works in the human body is a longer story, but what flares create is a compression of anxiety and a change in the perception of the events we are experiencing, they will also compress the anxiety of what we are in fear of at that time.

We all experience solar flares in different ways. They may influence how we communicate with others, how others communicate with us and certainly affect our perception of the events that are unfolding at the time.

During birth for example, issues seem to manifest during the build up to a flare. The baby, the parents, the midwife and even the electrical testing equipment being used can, to varying degrees, momentarily be affected by them.

I base this on the knowledge that flares cause radio blackouts all over the world and that, if I am affected by them and the people around me are affected by them then potentially so will a baby.

The flare hyper-stimulates what we fear and circumstances can change very quickly in response to that. Sometimes during birth a problem will appear which might mean that a specific intervention is recommended, or even a hospital transfer if a birth is taking place at home. Once the flare has passed the initial issue sometimes disappears, perhaps resolved on its own, but sometimes it will be replaced by something else.

To test this look at the date and time of specific events taking place during pregnancy and birth, then place them against the dates and times of solar flares and potentially you may find that there is some correlation.

Quite often stressful events during our lives correlate to the timing of flares, for example appointments that bring a lot of stress and anxiety can coincidently take place at the same time as the build up or through the peak of a major flare.

I’ve noted this time and time again, when the flare has gone often perception will return back to normal and events will calm down.

If the flare doesn’t cause fear or anxiety, it may create something that the parents have to face and overcome very much like a gate or a threshold that has to be crossed.

Before Covid I used to help out at a local mental health group, I would sit there with 15 people and each would talk about a challenging episode they each had at exactly the same time the day before.

I was able to say to them, that at the time in question there was an X-class solar flare and that I was suffering to I just knew what was going on and how to process it.

How to apply this to birth is difficult, grounding flares and the affects of them is something we are not taught even though they are very real and can often affect our mental and physical well-being every single day.

The answer perhaps is in the understanding that there are other forces at play and that they cannot always be explained in a material way.

Patience, the moon and ‘no man’s land’

I came to these conclusions through trying to understand why labour sometimes has a long slow build up and what governs the times when everything appears to stop.

The moon is known for its phases and how, when compared to conception dates it can be used to give us some additional insight as to when a baby might be born.

There are however, two other systems that the moon operates which also needs to be considered, one is when it is nearest and furthest away. The other is when it is at its highest point and its lowest point.

I came across the highest point and lowest point system when I was researching Jo’s hip and her arthritis pain. With a years worth of daily study I found that Jo’s worst times where when the moon was travelling through the Bull into the Twins which is where the moon at its highest point is. The pain would then go when the moon began its descent.

I found that if we managed our lives in a certain way when the moon was in the Bull, when it got to its highest point in the Twins the usual pain would not be there. So again, this is a very real system and it can affect all of us in different ways.

It is also worth noting that her arthritis would also flare up during solar flares.

So, relating this to birth I found that the moon’s highest point, its lowest point and the midway points each side, was like a ‘no man’s land’. Looking at this as a clock face, I could see that when the moon was at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock labor would take a wee break.

It appeared that perhaps this cycle was the extra energy or inertia a mother needed to bring the baby into being and if the ‘riding of the wave’ of the inertia was missed for any reason and the moon entered ‘no man’s land’ things might not unfold as hoped for and birth keepers themselves might notice when a moment has passed.

When the moon is in ‘no man’s land’ it is a time to apply patience, faith and trust as this is a period where there is a higher risk of intervening and unnecessarily changing the trajectory of the birth.

If the moon is nearest at perigee, the baby will probably wait for that period to be over because it’s really, really intense for everyone!

You may also find that if there is a bank of 3 or 4 planetary alignments in a row, a baby, if left alone will wait for that period to be over before active labor begins or resumes, again this may be because of the intensity of the alignments.

The systems that I’ll go through in Part 2, I found from the study of Biodynamic Agriculture, it began with the understanding that if agriculture and the growing of fruit and vegetables is governed by the moon, the planets and the constellation surely birth, life and death is to.

What I have said here is a work in progress and there is so much more to learn, so for now I hope this makes sense and if anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me directly at

Till next week


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