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Planetary alignments and the gates of birth and a tool box to the stars.

Hello again,

This is Jo’s partner Bob, it has taken me a month and several rewrites to get anywhere near finishing this post. It has been a bit tricky because putting what you ‘see’ into exact words is difficult. Especially when you are combining that with modern science, concepts taken from the writing of Hermes of ancient Egypt, the Greek myths of the Gods and the planets, Genesis from the Old Testament and the Vedas and so on.

What I say here I’ve lived in for years, I have tested it in myself and I’ve tested it with the help of my family. Then tested it further with the people who I meditate with, and it forms a staple part of my daily life.

For me, the key to life is looking at all things and answering one question:

‘What have I come here to learn’

This refers to the lessons learnt about the self, and its worth stating now that some of those lessons were not meant to be learnt, but the way out always remains the same.

It may also be worth saying that what I am touching on here isn’t astrology, but a separate structural system.

Living life and going through the stages of pregnancy and birth contain the same lessons, they are just more compressed. In life, for example, if we have come here to speak our truth and we have not learnt that, then that lesson may come during birth, but with a greater intensity or compression.

That lesson forms a gate and it comes in line with the planets which govern it. From that gate two paths will emerge and when those paths emerge, one will have to play out. By playing out, I mean that the ‘unseen’ system that we all live in will make sure that our ‘seen’ reality will adjust to give opportunity for that or any other lesson to be learnt.

I see planetary gates as opening and closing oppositions and conjunctions. If they are a gate for you, you might find that appointments fall over an alignment or just after them. If the gate you need to pass through is ‘speaking your truth’, you might find a Mars opposition there somewhere prior to or during the appointment.

You may also find an alignment there, for example, when labour begins.

I can’t go through them all because this will be a big post, but a good example of this is when people go through a Mercury alignment.

Mercury in mythology is the messenger, so these alignments are about messaging. So when Mercury is retrograde, which does seem to be a permanent feature, things don’t work or go a bit crazy because our natural electro-chemical messaging system gets a little bit jumbled up.

This is also why I believe apps should not be used in birth, but that’s another story. Mercury and messaging is always there, but during alignments it’s properties become much stronger. So imagine there is a Mercury alignment and you pass through it, then a few hours later you go into labour. A choice may appear to either listen to your body and trust in what it has done for thousands and thousands of years or trust in an external messaging system, which hasn’t been around for quite as long.

Those choices, like cause and effect have outcomes. With Mercury you may find that communication at varying levels will be tested and that may also include the natural order of the messaging which moves your baby from the womb and out into the outside world.

The fine line with all of this is, what was and what was not meant to be. I don’t think you can change what was meant to be until its learnt. But what wasn’t meant to be you can, which is really what this work is about – the elimination of what wasn’t meant to be.

My toolkit

The tools I have used for many years are and this graph so I can match the way I feel with data taken from the sun. I know nothing of the material science explanations of this only how I, and the people around me feel and act when certain events occur.

The Maria Thun Biodynamic planting calendar contains all the alignments you need to know about each day. I use it by looking up estimated due dates and looking at the alignments around them. If you cross reference these alignments with how you feel, with themes in your life, with the appointments you’ve booked in and what experiences you have with the outside world you will find your gates.

The Guide to the Night Sky is again a great little yearly calendar which just mops up any unusual events not mentioned in the planting calendar. Meteor showers, for example, are really important as often, but not always, a birth will come at their peak. And also some people feel these really acutely so an added anxiety may also be there.

The easiest way to begin using these books is to log the times during the day when sensations are felt in your body, then log the times when they have anxiety attached to them, then record the life events which come into being as the anxiety grows.

You can compare these dates and times and find the patterns from a combination of the resources listed above.

I generally feel alignments about half an hour before they peak, it begins with an anxiety in my legs and I can’t think straight. Some people may become short tempered, but fortunately that does not apply to me! As an example, this anxiety builds as the alignment forms, at its peak the children will all kick off, the printer will break and a bill will come in that I don’t want see.

Some alignments just pass by, I do get a little bit disappointed if they do, but it just means the frequencies they create don’t form lessons at that point that I need to learn.

The Moon and the Sacrum

I’m only really touching on this but you will find the moon in most alignments because it works with the sacrum. The sacrum area and the hips are where we store trauma and are quite important in all the things we do, so it does makes sense that it is around in alignments all the time.

In Conclusion

Just to finish off, during a Closing the Bones ceremony the pulse of the solar plexus is taken which is often weak and a sign of depletion in a new mother.

You can apply the concept of a strong force coming from you solar plexus to a force coming from all the other energy centers in the body. What I have observed is that if the positive force coming down from the crown is overpowered by the negative force coming up from the root labour may take longer than expected and with that a different pathway may appear.

In terms used in birth, this may sound something like; you have to have Faith in your body and you have to let go. These words begin the force coming down, and Patience and Security are the words which govern the beginnings of the force coming up.

I’m going to go now but I hope that makes sense, part 3 will be about Healthy Messaging which could well take another month to write!

Take care,


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